We all need times to escape from day-to-day stress, pressure and turmoil.

The solace and tranquility of Comfort Cottage is the place to find peace, or by receiving hands-on, natural healing to find balance and harmony within yourself.

Natural Healing can help you whatever your needs;  whether they be spiritual, physical, mental or emotional.

Joyce, the owner, is a Corinthian Healing Association (CCHA) registered healer and trainer with many years’ experience. Through healing,  Joyce offers you help, guidance and support to combat the difficulties encountered on your journey through life.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed and Joyce is insured and bound by the CCHA Code of Conduct.

If you wish to discuss your needs call Joyce on 01559 370957 or email at hello@comfortcottagehealing.co.uk .

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Love and Light.

Spiritual Healing is a complementary therapy – not a replacement for your G.P. and conventional medicine. Never stop or change your medication without prior reference to the Doctor who prescribed it.